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Green Mars

by Viriditas

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Green Mars 05:30
The Timeslip Chant: Mars, Ares, Huǒxīng, Maja, Tiu, Harmakis, Awka-Kuh, Kasei, Rad, Nirgal Mamers, Al Kahira, Simud, Mangala, Shal Batanu, Ma'hadim, Simud, Bahram, Marte, Ana El Hak, KA Zygote Lyrics: And here I stand Poised upon the dawn of a new age Under artificial sky The tender sounds suffuse my soul And deep beneath the sand I feel the empty final place Where you reside And it makes me realise This too must pass But our time is yet to come As our green world comes to life And out beyond the gate beyond the chaos of the wilds the winds have changed And now this underground oasis feels so small So quaint This little frozen paradise riles me up This veil is wearing thin I gotta get out Gotta slip away To find a world beyond this ice cold jail But our time is yet to come As our green world comes to life No stone remains unchanged Viriditas soul Elan Share your truth Let your boldness be your guide Venture through Let the winding road lead always to your Star So goodbye old friend You'll be always on my mind And as I pass beyond the weathered gate You're still here, just within And if I return Will I be the boy you knew Will the mantra we all know within our hearts Emerge as something new [Repeats The Timeslip Chant]
Nirgal 11:59
And now I’m finally free Unchained and cast aside A hitcher on the road to anywhere I can decide Fear not this freedom Coyote let me out and gave me wings Mother can you hear me It’s an awe inspiring sight There’s a curious display before my eyes You designed to send me packing Spread my wings for the first time and now we’re going On a crazy bumpy ride Wo-ho-ho with a rebel by my side We’ll hunt by night by day we’ll hide Wo-ho-ho when the damage is done It’s time for me to cut and run If my friends could see me now They’d be envious inside I’m the unintended leader of the fight Did you mean to mix me up in this I don’t know why but they think I’m qualified And they’re asking after you Wo-ho-ho with a madman by my side I’m the underground resistance bought to life Wo-ho-ho when the damage is done Well it’s time for me to cut and run This strange path you’ve taken With high hopes you’re laden Just keep in mind you’re not alone out there We count on you too Just out of reach I feel The future we desire And in your heart I hope that you do too So venture on and build Our altered way of life In the end we are all children of the Same green matriarch And we made it this far Out of sight, as our Very lives depend upon Under cover of the stars Striking out, at the Self-appointed masters of our lives Lay low and don’t raise the alarm The tension’s killing me Just out of reach I see the future you desired And like you said I feel it too Out in the chaos Where we’re starting little fires It’s clear to see the change that has to come Wo ho ho with a rebel by my side It’s a complicated, awesome bumpy ride Wo ho ho when the damage is done Well it’s time for me to cut and run Another day Another scramble for our lives When will we be Free from tyranny And walk out in the light Wo ho ho with coyote by my side There’s nothing out there we can’t put to rights Wo ho ho with the damage undone Well it’s time for us to step out in the sun
Avalanche 05:33
Going Away 10:24
I'm the wandering charm The master of none The believer of truth And one day really soon, I'll escape from this noise I'm making the choice But I don't think I quite understand A minstrel on the run I'm adventure bound Could this really be me So eager for life after you But don't take it to heart, some good times were had So mis-understood, but this new life implores me to try Will I ever wonder what I might have left behind I like to think not This new outlook is all that I've got And one day maybe soon, you'll look up to the stars And admire where I am, having run from the effortless path Coz I'm going away, and I'm leaving today For the perils and fate of the night Coz it's dangerous out there, but I'm willing to try With new friends and adventures to find And the comfort of a normal life will idlly slip by Banishing the curse of apathy away Is it lonely where you are? See I'm lonely too, but it's only the start and at least I'm not one in a crowd A destiny on Mars, it sounds so farfetched But the flipside is painfully clear And the mundane is just what I fear And the comfort of a normal life will idlly slip by Banishing the curse of apathy away And the crushing sense of dissonance kept secretly inside Is dispelled by raptured promises of change If a journey to uncertain ends is the superior path Then it must be untold misery to stay And I won't look back so remember me As the thorn in your side Coz at least then there's reason to try There's a universe out there Don't let it pass you by You've got nothing to lose but your life And the comfort of a normal life will idlly slip by Banishing the curse of apathy away And the crushing sense of dissonance kept secretly inside Is dispelled by raptured promises of change
One decision can change a lifetime, and for sure this one mixed up mine A sheer sense of the colossal task ahead, I hesitate to cross the line But in a minute, it's gone Adventure's there just open the door In a second, all is fine It's an escape from the same routine And as I'm laying restless, with the clock counting down the time The weight of the world crushing into me, as I gasp for breath deaf and blind But in a minute, it's gone And I'm weightless surrounded by laughter In a moment, the pain has passed And there is no turning back hereafter Cast off the fear of your dependency and leave it all behind We are the guardians, the shield of your body and mind Within this steel sanctuary, secrecy on which you can rely Fear not this vessel or the passage of the stars Remember it got you this far, it's the state of the art Choice made can't go back now, each step brings me further away Start to forget my quest, as the numbers surpass the days But in a minute, it returns This mission is once in a lifetime In a second, it's revealed No one else knows this path that I take A Lifetime in transit it seems, and all wandering thoughts have turned to you The million miles seem like nothing, and the pain still seems so new I wonder where you could be now, does your anger still burn so black The moment is gone, no need for concern, you can never go back
A New Face 08:17
Uncharted 06:51
Drift eternally, We are Living symbols of the race Always onward like a Hot collapsing star we drift away From a past we never knew Silver seeds of fate Scattered to the winds Never to return again Every empty space, Homogonized into a pale relief Of a place we never knew I will wait for you (I will wait for you) To overcome the distance To weather all your fears Of the beyond All I have is time (Through the expanse I come to you) Fly on wings of steel Leave the rest uncharted Draw you into me Safe into my heart Reunited once again Turn an empty page Untroubled by the place we never knew Now entwined we see as one
Nomads 04:53
The Spinner 06:42
In the solitary sands I see a man all dressed in white undaunted by the overbearing sun Hands uplifted to the air A dervish spinning madly with the feverish viridity of life Divine chanting fills the air in a Language I don't recognise I feel the message find me anyway Encumbered and amazed The old man reaches out to me and this is what he said The Spinner said to me to take my eyes off what's to come and spin around To look into the now and join the ritual of the endless summer A rite of ancient melodies and sound Pay attention to your path The old man uttered wisely as he ushered me upon my merry way Walk towards the real (keep walking on and on and on) And with that the vision dissappeared his words resounding in my head Can't see it Can't work it out My mind's a misty haze unravelling, tangled The Spinner said to me that this adventure is the path to Tarika And if we join our hands our silhouette will reach the distant stars That light the path revealing who we are
Photograph 06:04
Ecotage 09:58
Soletta 14:22
Vigil of the midnight sun Glaring sight of a blazing eye We must bring down the midnight sun Break the sight of a burning gaze Standing on the edge of dark Looking for another way Wishing for another year Going anywhere but here Striking down the midnight sun Standing up to the burning eye We must being down the midnight sun Change the fate of our future days Standing on the edge of dark Mastering my fear of pain Tipping point is drawing near Destiny has bought us here And now the wheels In motion forging a path A strange relief My choice is made The crishing force of flight Leaves me breathless A vivid white hot glow Lists me up Brings me closer to Your star So fragile and inane So exposed No longer to remain Now I’m drawing near Days are numbered Nowhere else to hide You’re times up Getting closer to Your heart Insidiously still Out of time I’m ready to erase Now I’ve come to see this thing up close An exotic, graceful masterpiece Astonished to be having second thoughts Never leave your king unguarded in an empty space Lest some antiquated rebel find an opening to Fire, Aline, Closer, Leading on The unprecedented spirit of satisfaction I’m not a man of confrontation I’m affable to compromise But this is fallacy and cannot run Your violet eye burnt too many Bridges I can’t let you go Glass canals are just a premise to the Havoc of your Gaze, Behold, Chaos, Leading on The real reason you exist is to keep US compliant Bridghter than the sun A violent, savage gaze My task has begun But I’ve never been so alone and I’m still waiting, I’m still trying to See your world undone Build another in it’s place Task complete there is no turning back Wheels in motion show no empathy As I count down to zero I must run Shattered pieces So vulnerable Now it seems I’ve Turned the tables on You, Defeat, Crushing, Leading on The inevitable outcome we all expected And maybe one day you will learn This planet will not suffer tyranny Your glass cannon didn’t last another day You believed your right to rule’s an Undisputed fact But the truth is We don’t answer to You, Opress, Reject, On the run A unanimous objection to all you stand for Brighter than the sun I see you fall from grace Rebellion has begun Soon you will be all alone and I’m still waiting, I’m still trying to See your world undone Build another in it’s place And as I look down I can see you Falling Graceful in defeat A monument of light Broken and ablaze Fading out into the night And I’m still waiting, I’m still wishing to Bring this world to life


Green Mars is the second album release from Viriditas. Like it's predecessor Green Mars is loosely based on the events of the book of the same name by author Kim Stanley Robinson.
The music portrays events and emotions drawn from the multitude of characters in the expansive and inspiring book, from the teenage runaway Nirgal on his journey of exploration and self discovery, to the scientist Sax Russel, a diminutive introvert quietly working out a way to thwart the plans of the blundering planetary government.
Green Mars is a truly gigantic album and the result of two years of hard work from the band. Full of twists and turns, new stylistic development and throwbacks to classic prog bands that have influenced the band. Within Green Mars you will find instrumental virtuosity and thought provoking lyrics in equal measure!


released September 19, 2021

Jonathan Wills - Drums & Percussion
Mike Waters - All lead male vocal parts.
Julie Kvaerndrup - Lead vocals on ‘Avalanche’, ‘Uncharted’, 'The Spinner', 'Sabiishi is Burning' & ‘Soletta’. Additional backing vocals.
Tom Williams - Guitar solo 1 on ‘State of the Art’, Guitar solos on ‘Ecotage’ & 'The Spinner', guitars on Green Mars, Timeslip/Zygote. 12 String acoustic on 'Photograph'
Hannah Bridge - Lead vocals on ‘Timeslip/Zygote’, 'Sabiishi is Burning', 'Photograph', ‘Soletta’ & 'The Long Walk'. Additional backing vocals.
David Stanton - Guitars on 'Green Mars' & 'Timeslip/Zygote', additional guitars on 'Sabiishi is burning'.
Jez Davies - Clarinet on 'Nomads' Moog & Hammond solo in 'Ecotage'. Saxophones in 'Ecotage'
Alistair Beveridge - Guitar solo on 'Zygote'
Mike Bridge - Everything else
Written by Mike Bridge. Additional guitar riffs in 'Sabiishi is Burning' written by David Stanton.
Narration on ‘Green Mars’ by Kiki Wong.
Narration on 'Ecotage' by Kim Stanley Robinson


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Viriditas UK

Hampshire based Progressive Rock group Viriditas formed in 2018. A collection of vibrant, dynamic and unpredictable songs form the debut album 'Red Mars'. The album is based events from the book of the same name by author Kim Stanley Robinson.
Red Mars is due for release on the 30th August.
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